Thursday, 28 August 2014

Button handbag for little girls

Crochet pattern

This crochet handbag is so cute that I would love to share the pattern with you.

What you need:

  • yarn (different colours)
  • hook
  • buttons (for this handbag I used a mushroom, a butterfly, a ladybug, three little hearts)
  • scissors
  • needle
  • stitch marker (only at the beginning, then optional)


sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
slst - slip stitch
ch - chain
st - stitch


1. Crochet 21 ch (20 ch plus 1 turning ch) in pink yarn

21 ch
2. Crochet sc in the circle, 1 sc in each st, at the end and beginning of the chain (made from 21 ch) crochet 3 sc in one st to widen the bottom of handbag, do not slst but continue crocheting in rounds, just use the stitch marker to mark your first sc in each round

chart for the first round

upper row made from sc

3 sc in one st at the end of the upper row

continuation of crocheting (bottom row)

now crochet 2 more sc in the last st

first round is done

stitch marker to mark the first sc in the second round

3. Crochet 1 sc in each st, but in the edges of handbag, crochet 2 sc in two st (so crochet 2 sc in the first st, then in the half of the round crochet in two st 2 sc in each st, then in the last st crochet 2 sc), do not slst but continue crocheting in rounds

chart for the first and second round

2 sc in the first st

half of the round - 2 sc in two st (altogether 4 sc in 2 st)

2 sc in the last st of the round

the second round done

4. Crochet 1 sc in each st, continue crocheting until you have the length you want to have (I crocheted 24 rounds), then at one edge slst, do not cut the yarn

 5. Now the handle. Crochet as many ch as you need for the length you want. Keep in mind that when the handbag is full it will also be heavier, so do not make the handle very long

6. Slst to the other edge of the handbag

7. For the part which is folded, directly from the slst (that helped to fasten the handle) crochet sc to the other part of the handle, altogether you should crochet 23 sc, but when this is not your number, do not worry, just have sc to fill the space between each part of the handle

start of crocheting sc

end of crocheting sc

8. To move up you should crochet 1 turning ch, and then sc (22 sc) till the end, then again 1 turning ch and so on, altogether crochet 9 rows, slst and cut the yarn, hide the tail

1 turning ch

where the stitch marker is you should crochet the first sc in this row (after 1 turning ch)

1 turning ch plus 1 sc in the second row

the end of the second row, where the stitch marker shows you should crochet one more sc

crocheting of the last sc in the second row

second row finished

all rows finished

9. Now make a slip knot with yellow yarn. Slst it to one of the edges of handbag where handle starts (ends), then crochet sc in each ch of the handle, and crochet around the part we made in the 8. step. Cut the yarn, hide the tail.

slst to one of the end of the handle

sc in each ch round the handle

do not forget this st
chart for crocheting the folded part of the handbag

in each edge (of the folded part up) crochet 2 sc in one st

the main part finished

10. Leaves (make two) and stem of the flower crochet with green yarn. Stem is made from 4 ch. The leaves are made from 8 ch (7 ch plus 1 turning ch), then crochet sc, hdc, dc, dc, dc, hdc, sc, sc, hdc, dc, dc, dc, hdc, sc around the chain. Slst and leave a tail for sewing.

stem made from 4 ch
chart for the leaf

8 ch for leaf

sc, hdc, dc, dc, dc, hdc, sc in the upper row

one leaf finished

I crocheted flower with this video tutorial. Thank you Brittany for sharing this lovely pattern :)

It is a puff stitch flower but you can make whatever flower you want, for example also this simple flower

Now place everything on your handbag.

And sew all the buttons and flower with its stem and leaves to the handbag.

finally finished :)

Happy crocheting :)

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