Friday, 2 January 2015

Tayo the little bus (crochet appliqué)

Bus - crochet appliqué

Do your children also love buses? So here is something exactly for them :)

I sewed the bus on a pillow cover. 

To crochet Tayo we need:
  • yarn (blue, white, black, and grey)
  • hook suitable for you yarn (my yarn was 3.5 so was my hook)
  • scissors and needle to sew all the parts together


ch - chain
slst - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
st - stitch

inc - increase
dec - decrease


Start from the bottom. Foundation ch is 21 ch (20 ch plus 1 turning ch). Always use 1 turning ch.

1. in the second ch from the hook crochet sc, sc till the end (20 sc)
2. inc in the first and last st, sc in between (22 sc)
3. - 14. sc in all st (22)
15. - 25. now we should form white front window - two st at the edge will be always blue, the middle part will be white (2 blue sc + 18 white sc + 2 blue sc = 22)
26. all sc in the row will be blue (22)
27. dec at the beginning and end of the row (20), cut yarn, leave a long tail to sew the body 

EYES (make 2)

In mr crochet 2 ch and 10 hdc. Join with slst to the second ch you made at the beginning. Close the mr, cut yarn, leave a tail to sew. Use black yarn to embroider the rest of the eyes. 


With grey yarn make 15 ch, hdc to the third ch from hook, continue with 1 hdc in each st, in the last st make sc. Turn upside down. The foundation ch should be up. Form the mouth and sew on the body.

MIRRORS (make 2)

Make 6 ch, to the second ch from hook crochet sc, continue till the end (5 sc), 1 turning ch, sc, sc, 1 turning ch, sc, sc. 

WHEELS (make 2)

Make 6 ch, to the second ch from hook crochet sc, sc in next 3 st, dc, inc. 

Sew all the parts together. I sewed mirrors the wrong way - no problem for my son :) So you can turn the mirrors upside down. Embroider the nose and eyebrows.

And dooooooone :)

Happy crocheting!

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